Frank Krueger

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Krueger F*, Zotev V*, Phillips R, Alvarez RP, Simmons WK, Bellgowan P, Drevets WC, Bodurka J. Self-regulation of amygdala activation using real-time fMRI neurofeedbackPLoS ONE 2011; 6(9): e24522. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0024522. *Authors contributed equally to this work.

Krueger F, Pardini M, Huey ED, Raymont V, Solomon J, Lipsky RH, Hodgkinson CA, Goldman D, Grafman J. The role of the met 66 BDNF allele in the recovery of executive functioning following combat-related traumatic brain injuryJournal of Neuroscience 2010; 31(2): 598-606.

Krueger F*, Strenziok M*, Heinecke A, Lenroot RK, Knutson K, van der Meer E, Grafman, J. Developmental effects of aggressive behavior in male adolescents assessed with structural and functional brain imagingSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 2011; 6(1): 2-11. *Authors contributed equally to this work.


Book Chapters

Krueger F, Grafman J. The human prefrontal cortex stores structured event complexes. In: Shipley, T, Zacks., J, editors. Understanding Events: How humans see, represent, and act on events, Oxford: Oxford Press, 2008: 617-638.

Krueger F, Grafman J. The prefrontal cortex stores structured event complexes that are the Representational Basis for Intentional Actions. In: Morsella E, Bargh J, Gollwitzer P, editors. Psychology of Action, Volume 2, Oxford: Oxford Press, 2008: 191-213.

Grafman J, Krueger F. Volition and the Human Prefrontal Cortex. In: Sebanz N and Prinz W, editors. Disorders of Volition. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2006: 347-372.



Krueger F, Grafman J. The Neural Basis of Human Belief Systems. (Forthcoming), Psychology Press.

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Krueger F. Mind Mapping. 1997. Humboldt Press.



Landgraf S, Steingen J, Ebbert Y, Niedermeyer U, van der Meer E, Krueger F. Temporal information processing in short- and long-term memory of patients with schizophrenia. 41th Annual Meeting Society for Neuroscience, 2011.

Krueger F, McCabe K, Deshpande G, Dal Monte O, Kumar A, Knutson K, Vasudeva V, Strenzio M, Solomon J, Hoffman M, Robinson P, Grafman J. Unpacking the psychological and neural components of legal third-party punishment. The Society for Social Neuroscience, Annual Meeting, 2011.

Krueger F, Vasudeva V, McCabe K, Grafman J. Gender differences in trust during economic exchange: An fMRI investigation. 17th Annual Meeting Human Brain Mapping, 2011.



George Mason University, Center of Excellence in Neuroergonomics, Technology, and Cognition, November 1, 2011, Trust: Oxytocin effects and genetic associations

Department of Psychology and Ergonomics, Technical University Berlin, May 27, 2011, Self-regulation of amygdala activation by means of fMRI Brain-Computer-Interface

Department of Cognitive Psychology, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, December 15, 2010, The neural correlates of interpersonal trust



Frank Krueger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 
Chief, Social Cognition and Interaction
(SCI) Laboratory
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA

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Frank Krueger

Frank Krueger



Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics, George Mason University
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology/ Molecular Neuroscience Department, George Mason University
Lead Investigator
Warfighter Head Injury Study, Behavioral Neurology Unit, National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Instiutues of Health